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After working with Floyd Woodrow, an internationally respected entrepreneur, (click here for more information), we adopted the 'Compass for Life' ethos. As a school, we have a clear 'North Star' to work towards and we also encourage all pupils to have their own 'Compass for Life.' This involves them dreaming big and thinking about the pathway they need to take to achieve their goals, as well as demonstarting our 7 learning values (below) and embracing a Growth Mindset. 

See North Star section below for more information. 

As a staff team, we are passionate that everything we do links to our 'Learning for Living' motto. It is vitally important for children to have a purpose for learning and for them to understand the huge impact their learning has on their lives. This is reniforced by Simon Sinek's 'Start with Why' ethos (click here for more information) which is referenced on a daily basis. 


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