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  • Strong relationships and connections between adults and children are imperative (Rita Pierson).
  • A calm sense of support, nurture and care for our children.


  • Aspiration for, and achievement of, Greater Depth outcomes and a positive approach to challenge are continually referenced, exemplified and taught within lessons.
  • Development of social responsibility and an understanding of making a positive contribution to society.
  • Children are encouraged to embrace a warrior spirit, be a strategist and develop a positive ethos and passion for who they are and what they do in pursuit of their North Star.

Ensuring engagement and investment

  • Engagement, ownership and individuality in learning supporting a passion for discovery through a ‘Head, Heart and Hands’ approach - the Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE).
  • A clear purpose for actions at every level (Simon Sinek).
  • Strong cross-curricular opportunities for genuine application

Growth Mindset

  • Positive attitudes to learning, linked to Growth Mindset are continually referenced, exemplified and taught within lessons.
  • Development of resilience, and the importance of specific feedback (Austin’s Butterfly).


  • Children have an on-going reflective attitude to their learning through the use of purple pens for editing and re-drafting, reflecting and articulating their learning and progress (‘purple for progress’).
  • Focused knowledge, skills and understanding within subject-specific learning balanced with exemplified cross-curricular links and approaches (being ‘in the mind of an artist’ when learning art but knowing how the knowledge, skills and understanding connect to other curriculum areas).
Hazeldown Primary School
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Stuart Ludford | Headteacher

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