Initial Teacher Training

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Initial Teacher Training: 

Here at Hazeldown, we pride ourselves in the work we undertake both with, and for, the universities of the southwest.  We strive to provide them with the best possible environments into which they can send their students; with the aim of mutually benefitting from their presence.

Over several years now, the name of Hazeldown Primary School has grown stronger and stronger through the regular and continued feedback from students who have felt valued within our walls and beyond and have progressed strongly within our stewardship. This is though a highly reciprocal relationship though. With new students arriving throughout the year, staff at Hazeldown feel, ‘energised’ by their enthusiasm and willingness to do well, both for themselves and our children.

We are constantly listening and learning with our university students – tailoring our practice to meet their needs alongside those of our Hazeldown children. Teachers often report that their own practice is stronger and more considered as they know that the ‘next generation’ is watching and waiting on every word. It needs to be right and our teachers strive to be the very best role models for our teachers in training.

It is also with great pride that our school is held up as an example for others and that our staff have been invited to speak at a variety of events in recognition of their high standards, strong knowledge and commitment to school improvement.

Trainee Teachers Section:

Hello Trainee Teachers,

We want to say a big welcome to Exeter Consortium and TSA and we are excited about the year ahead.

Exeter Consortium and Teaching School Alliance are training you, the next generation of teachers, improving the quality of teaching, raising the attainment of pupils and closing the gap between different groups of pupils. Please explore our website for more information:

If there is anything you may need we are just an email or phone call away. We want you to know that although we will not have contact with you every day, we are always available if you need any help. Please contact us on 01392 927171 or email: [email protected]

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