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We were delighted with the outcome of our latest inspection in February 2019, where the school was judged as ‘good’. This was a ‘short inspection’, because we were already judged as ‘good’ at the previous inspection in 2015 and we have positive performance data. As a result, the final report is briefer than it would be for a full inspection, taking the form of a letter covering the main points.

There are a great many positives outlined in the report and it is a real celebration of some of the special aspects that make Hazeldown the excellent school that we are. We are really proud of the whole school community; children, parents, staff and governors who have all contributed to this outcome. In particular, the report reflects the hard work and commitment of the excellent staff team we have at Hazeldown as well as the attitude and approach to learning that our children display.

Strengths that were identified included:

  • A dedicated staff team that is determined to provide a broad and exciting curriculum for pupils.
  • The wide range of opportunities provided for our children.
  • Pupils enjoy being given responsibilities by their teachers.
  • Pupils feel safe and strongly agree that the school encourages them to respect others and treat everyone equally.
  • The use of verbal and written feedback. Pupils self-assessment of their learning leading to reviewing and improving their work
  • Governors know the school well and provide a good balance of support and challenge.
  • High-quality homework that deepens pupils’ learning.
  • The overwhelming majority of parents believe that their children are happy and safe at school.
  • Parents also agree that pupils are well behaved and that school leaders respond effectively to any concerns.
  • Pupils feel that that bullying rarely happens, but that when it does, it is dealt with well.
  • Teachers provide appropriate challenge for pupils and expect them to challenge themselves. Pupils happily rise to this expectation, which leads to significant   improvements in their learning.
  • Pupils support each other well.

The school continues to move forwards with improving outcomes and providing the highest quality teaching and learning. Curriculum development is currently a real focus, ensuring we continue to move our broad and exciting curriculum forwards. The balance between subject disciplines and cross-curricular connections is currently being explored further.

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A Results Overview for Year Six at the end of the academic year 2022-2023 is included below. 

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