Use of Funds

How PTA funds have been used 2015 – 2020

Covered Seating – to be placed on the school field – £920

Fit Trail refurbishment and iPads – additional items to complement those already bought and chosen by the children – £8,866

Chromebooks for a whole class – 32 Chromebooks enabling EVERY CHILD in school to have access to a simple, fast mini-laptop, allowing use of a range of programs and apps through a personalized workspace –  £5,763

Playboat – replace existing one in Year 1 playground – £3,200

Puppet Theatre and finger puppets – bought for the new Pre-school & Nursery opening in February 2020 – £50

First aid training for years 2, 4 & 6 – £500

Year 6 legacy fund£600 every year

Growth Mindset signs & posters around school – £300

Sing Up subscription £285 every year

iCAN! – in July 2016 the PTA were delighted to provide the initial funding for the school’s amazing new venture. This is YOUR MONEY directly benefitting every child in Years 1-6! – £3,000

Library refit – The re-fit of the library was completed in April 2016 creating a bright, inviting and exciting library for EVERY CHILD in the school! – £7,000

Music items – To support music activities in the school – £1,000

Forest School – purchased waterproof coats and trousers – £700

Weather station – sited in the school grounds which automatically sends measurements to a PC in school. This is providing an ever-changing source of data available to all classes to use for various subjects. It can also be fed into a national database accessed online to contribute to, and compare with, the national record of weather observations – £500

Sports kit – in a wide range of sizes to be used by any child representing the school at external sports matches and PE activities. The kit has helped children look like a team and to approach the activity with pride – a winning start! – £2,000

Swimming instruction for KS2 – a swimming instructor worked with Hazeldown staff at Dawlish Leisure Centre during school KS2 swimming lessons – £750

Playground equipment for KS1 – including footballs, rugby balls, foam balls, bean bags, hula hoops and a football goal – £720

Dictionaries and thesauruses – for all classrooms and the library, plus new books for the Accelerated Reader programme – £2,000

As well as raising important funds for the school the events aim to provide fun and a chance to socialise with other families. They also provide a means for parents to lend their support to Hazeldown.

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